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What can I say...Debbie is amazing she looked after Ziva for a couple of days during our holiday to Dorset. Ziva was happy and safe being fussed and walked. Thank you so much!

Ziva's Mum, Gill

Debbie started looking after our 2 cocker spaniels as day care in preparation of having them whilst we move home. They were so happy and settled, that we took advantage and had some weekends away too. We are just about to move and will be very sad to leave such a good pet-sitter behind. Debbie is always cheerful, happy to help, loves her charges, the feelings are returned and obviously enjoys her job. We only hope that Debbie will decide to move 1 mile away from us so again we can have a reliable, friendly pet-sitter.

Poppy and George's Mum, Judith

Debbie is great with Buddy our bouncy Toy Poodle. He has funfilled/tiring walks on a weekly basis and is really part of 'the gang' now. He has also stayed with Debbie a couple of times and having been made to feel so much part of the family it's obvious he would quite like to stay forever and makes a point of telling us by sulking on his return. I would thoroughly recommend Debbie to anyone as she is flexible, dependable and clearly loved by all dogs she comes into contact with.

Buddy's Mum, Di

Debbie has been an absolute star looking after our 2 English Pointers Jasper & Jess. When she arrives to pick them up they make more of a fuss than they do with either of us. This just proves she is the right girl for our rescue dogs. She has helped to look after Jess after her cruciate ligament operation, even if it just a lead walk around the garden followed by lots of cuddles and still manages to give Jasper a decent walk.

Jasper and Jess's Mum, Sue

Debbie is brilliant - the dogs love her, and we trust her with them. I know we fuss horribly about our two boys, but Debbie puts up with all of this and unfailingly brings back two happy, tired dogs. When we get up in the mornings, they station themselves at the window to wait for her. It means so much to have someone who will look after our 'little angels' the same way we would. Debbie is always reliable - she invariably gives the boys longer than an hour - and she cuddles them, talks to them and takes care of them, as if they were her own - what more could you want? 

Stanley the bear & Sid the squid's Mum & Dad, Lisa & Dave

Probably the best way to characterise how well Debbie looks after Phil The Dog is that he is incredibly eager to get out of the car when he gets there, but is much less so when he leaves; in fact he sulks when he gets home. From my perspective, she is always friendly, represents excellent value and I absolutely know that she is going to look after him as well as (if not better) than I do.

Phil’s chauffeur

I have been away for a few days and Debbie stopped by twice a day to feed my two cats. I am so very glad to have found Debbie as otherwise both cats would've been sent away to a cattery which i know they would've hated. Thank you absolute star!!!

Annie, Splash and Bella's Mum

Debbie has been an absolute star! Without her coming to feed and 'fuss' our cat, we would not have been able to go on our family holiday. The regular text update reassured us that Albert and our house were both fine and in good hands. I look forward to using your services again soon Debbie and I have already given your number to all my friends! Thanks again!!
Albert's Mum, Jane
My Dad is recovering at home after a major stroke and could not cope with my dog being left at home while I am at work. I know when I leave my Sadie with Debbie that she is in safe hands and will have a fun packed day.  My dog, being a rescue was showing signs of separation anxiety, but she is happy and confident in Debbie’s care. Being a hound, she loves running and is always returned to me exhausted and content. What more could you ask for? I think Debbie is the Mary Poppins of the animal world!!
Sadie's Mum, Carol
"Finding Debbie has been absolutely fantastic, Riddick loves going to stay with her and her family when I have to go away. It's so good to be able to leave him and know how well looked after he is. She not only treats him as one of the family but the whole family seem to really love him. She trains him and brings him on really fun days out. He is always so excited to see them when he gets there and is perfectly happy when I pick him up, fit and healthy. The photos sent to my phone showed how at home he was on his very first night there. To be honest it's been a life saver as I adore my dog but have to leave him every now and then, but now leaving him while I'm away is not an issue, it's more like he goes on holiday. Thanks for everything Debbie, you are a star from the sky!"
Riddicks Mum, Aine
I can highly recommend Debbie.I went away this week and left my british bulldog with Debbie for 5 nights.I enjoyed my holiday happy in the knowledge that Ruby was in good hands.I returned to find Ruby very content and to funny stories of what they had been up to i.e going to the beach etc.
Debbie is very friendly and extremely reasonable with her rates.
I will be sending Ruby to her again : )
Ruby's Mum, Jo
When we need go away and leave Maverick, Indianna and Poppy (2 spaniels and our rescue cat), the first and only person we ever think of to look after them, is Debbie. I have known Debbie for 11 years and, since then, I have witnessed her looking after a variety of animals, from horses in Sussex, to dogs in London and even some Llamas in Wales! She is the most capable person I have ever met and so, even after she had her boys, I knew that she wouldn't bat and eyelid at looking after 2 of the most lively dogs you have ever met (and a needy puss cat), when I asked her to house/pet sit (in Devon) whilst we were abroad for a week. She kept us fully up to date whilst we were away, so we could relax and enjoy ourselves. We came back to happy pets and a house which was cleaner than we had left it! When Debbie and her boys recently came back for the weekend to house/pet sit for us again, I swear our pooches were sad that we were back so soon, as they had had such a ball with Debbie and the boys! If you are looking for someone to love and look after your pets (from hamsters to horses) as you do, look no further, I really couldn't recommend Debbie more!

Maverick, Indianna and Poppy's Mum, Saskia

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